If you have encountered numbers somewhere, you should know that it’s a private IP address used on local networks, particularly home networks with Linksys broadband routers. They use this address together with others in the range starting from These reserved ranges haven’t been allocated yet, which means they operate strictly within a private network and don’t appear on the public Internet. They’re sometimes called bogon IP addresses or bogons. Your router can assign the bogon address automatically to any other device on its network, or administrator can do it manually.

Assignment of

All computers and various devices that support DHCP protocol can automatically receive their IP address from a router. It decides which address will be allocated from the range it is set up to manage. For example, when it’s set up with a network range between and, the router usually takes one address for itself ( and keeps the rest in a pool. Usually the router will then keep assigning addresses from the pool in sequential order, meaning that would be the next available address for allocation, but this is not always the case. Most modern network devices allow the IP address to be assigned manually in router configuration panel, but keep in mind that you if you want to assign address to your device, you also have to configure your local network router to include this address in its address range.

Attempting to assign this address to your device manually

This process is known as fixed or static address assignment and it’s not recommended due to the risk of IP address conflict. The conflict can occur when two communication endpoints on a network have been assigned the same address, and it usually makes both devices unusable for network operations. Most home network routers have address in their pool by default, and they don’t check whether it’s already been assigned manually to a client before it does the same automatically. The result is failed connection for both clients.

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