Some commercial broadband routers use as their default IP address on local networks. This address is usually assigned to a network gateway or any other network server, although most private devices on the network can also use it.

Gateway address

Default gateway address is a class A address and it represents the local side of a router that connects to the Internet. It’s default subnet mask is and other devices see address in their TCP/IP settings after they join local area network.

What devices are using

Although it belongs to a private IP address range with other addresses like and that are used for home networks, has always been more commonly used for business networks. Both and 192.168.x.x addresses are private, which means they can’t connect to other devices on the Internet, nor can any other device outside the network connect to a device using this address.

Common issues with

If device address is incorrectly assigned, the administrator has to set up gateways as static IP addresses. Entering this address in a wrong place, or simply mistyping it will make the device unavailable on Nevertheless, even if the device is correctly assigned to this address, connection problems may occur if the network itself is having internal technical difficulties. Considering that most clients use the network name (SSID) to connect to the gateway, and that IP settings are automatically configured for each client, sometimes a glitch can cause the gateway settings to become lost or corrupted.

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